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School History


Lewis & Clark Junior High was built in 1966.  Classes began for 449 students in the new school in September of 1967 with Earl Knuth serving as principal.  The building was expanded in 1975 and portables were added to the campus in 1981.

The school was named for Captain Meriwether Lewis and William Clark, the American explorers of the Pacific Northwest.  In a ceremony held on September 14, 1967, the auxiliary members of the Veterans of Foreign Wars, led by Mrs. Charles Meeks, presented the school with an American flag which had flown over the U.S. Capitol for a day, along with a Washington State flag.

In 1984, after approximately a six year review of the junior high/high school organization, the school board committed to a two-year planning period for the transition from a junior high structure (grades 7, 8, 9) to a  middle school structure (grades 6, 7, 8).  Consequently, in 1986 Lewis & Clark underwent an organizational change along with the three other junior highs in the district and became Lewis & Clark Middle School under the leadership of Dale Sayler.

In 1994, Yakima voters approved a $49 million bond issue.  State matching funds brought the total to more than $80 million to go towards the modernization and expansion of ten city schools, including Lewis & Clark Middle School.  The Lewis & Clark project began in 1996 and consisted of modernization of approximately 57,700 square feet of existing building and new construction of approximately 32,300 square feet.

As a result of the modernization and new construction, Lewis & Clark is able to provide a learning environment that is conductive to interdisciplinary teaming.  The grade levels are housed together and the teachers have a "team room" available for conferences, materials and curriculum development.

Other features gained through the remodeling project are a theater stage, spacious eating area, additional gym space for program and community use, and the capacity to fully seat all students in the gym.  An expanded computer and library area provide increased resources to students, and allow for better research materials across the curriculum.

Lois Betzing became principal of Lewis & Clark in 1999-2009 and lead a student body of approximately 745 students.

Today Victor Nourani is the new principal of Lewis & Clark Middle school.